If your salon offers tanning services, then you need to keep a few things in mind. For getting a perfect tan, you need to have the right tanning solution. All your equipments must be in a good condition. Otherwise, things will go wrong.

Secondly, all the ingredients of the solution must be allowed for usage by FDA. Skin should be ready to undergo this procedure.

You should keep in mind that each skin type reacts differently to a tanning solution. Care should be taken here. In case, anything goes bad, clients will first point fingers at the salon. Your salon will be held responsible.

In such an event, your business reputation will be badly hurt. It will affect the growth of your salon. It will hurt the development of your saloon.

You need to detail your clients on the various problems associated with tanning procedure. Inform them about the advantages as well. Help them make an informed decision. So that they do not blame you for any side effects in case they face.

Care must be taken if the clients are taking medicines. You should ensure that they have consulted their doctors over undergoing this tanning procedure.

People can be unknowledgeable about the possibility of drugs reacting adversely with the chemicals contained in the spray. You should not overdo the procedure. Otherwise it will spoil the effect, and it will make the skin look orange. Eight to ten days is how long the tan remains.

You have two options as far the spray goes. You can either choose the colored version or the colorless one. Colored one has some drawbacks. It leaves stains on clothing. The water while showering acquires a weird color! Therefore, discuss these possibilities with your client. The uncolored version is the wise choice in this regard.